Truthfull Night

Truthfull Night

weaken light in the dark
i stand here still
frozen by emotions
unable to breath properly

beautiful moon stands outside
protected by 2 stars
and between my lips
i whisper your name

but u´re just far away
but inside my heart you always were
the moments , the smiles , the tears
we shared…u are the one for me

and as the tears begin to fall
my heart breaks free from its chains
i take my soul and fly away
next to u

in my mind u are here now
as your hand reaches for mine
and your breath is starting
to crash like waves into my neck

as i turn around
there u are now
but as i am about to touch your face
u just fade away

im still here waiting for you
here in the dark
sending little whispers to the moon
and her 2 guardians

so i close my eyes
so that u wont fade
and in that moment
my heart blows away

im not dead
but my heart is in my hands
and as i rise my hands towards the moon

my bleeding heart speaks its last words..
i love u…i can not live….without you

Written By : Pedro

4 responses to “Truthfull Night

  1. Já tinha lido isto. Na altura achei brutal. E continuo a achar.

    Concordo plenamente com os dois comentários que já cá deixaram.

    Sublinho a amarelo fluorescente e assino por baixo.

  2. bem, lindo mm..gostei mt!tou a ver k n perdest os teus dotes para escrever..;) vai td correr bem, vais ver..and remember, o k acontecer, vai ser o melhor k podia acontecer..esse é o meu lema d vida agr..pods adopta-lo tb keu deixo=P bjinhu gand:)

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